Do Players Nearing Retirement Move To The U.S Really Help U.S. Soccer?

For quite some time it has become a pattern for famous players nearing their retirement, especially those from Europe, to come and end their career in U.S. soccer.

It all started with David Bekham, the former Manchester United winger and British international who came to play for LA Galaxy, Tierry Henry, the former Arsenal striker and French international who played for New York Red Bulls, and several others who have followed the trend or expressed their desire to end their career with MLS.

In fact, it is believed by some that the presence on U.S. soccer fields of these players renowned for their past achievements than for what they can produce today can energize people, increase attendance to American stadia, generate more revenues, and promote U.S. soccer.

But promoting U.S. soccer at a planetary level has less to do with the presence on the fields of these famous old players. Instead, it depends on the ability of the league to produce talented players who can attract international managers from big leagues, such as the Spanish La Liga or the English Premier Leagues.

This is where they could build the prestige of MLS soccer, entice foreign players during their prime time to come and play for American teams, and make the league globally competitive.

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