Jamaica Day at the West Side Bazaar

While Ismail and Company entertained passing crowds in front of the West Side Bazaar with a mix of reggae, funk, and jazz, Marcus Tunstall of Mr. Patty’s served up Jamaican cuisine inside.

Last Saturday was deemed “Jamaica Day” to celebrate and welcome Tunstall’s new business which he started in July.

“I started my business in the West Side Bazaar because I wanted to take my culture and bring my family’s style of cooking to Buffalo.”

The menu at Mr. Patty’s features Jamaican favorites like jerk chicken and rice, and a variety of patties including jerk chicken, beef, and curried goat.

Tunstall makes all his patties by hand using locally sourced ingredients.

“The spices used in my cooking are handmade and mixed, to give each patty a unique flavor, with my family secret recipes.”

The turnout at the event was such that by the time I went to place my order the goat patties were all gone, but I was able to get both the beef and chicken varietals, both of which had a perfect blend of spices and meat mixed inside a flakey pastry.

The real highlight was the jerk chicken and rice, with Tunstall’s special sauce, a sweet and spicy accent that like everything else, is hand-made.

Tunstall hopes to grow his business into a food truck so he can bring his tradition to other parts of New York State.

“I would love to bring Caribbean cuisine to areas around Ithaca, The Finger Lakes, Elmira, and Canandaigua.”

Marcus Tunstall takes his place alongside of the current set of chefs making the West Side Bazaar a go-to culinary destination in Buffalo.

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