Judy Bello speaks about the Iran Nuclear Deal

The WNY Peace Center and Canisius College Campus Ministry will host a presentation by Judy Bello on Wednesday, September 16.

Bello is a foreign policy specialist, photojournalist, and media coordinator for Upstate Drone Action and United National Anti-War Coalition.

She will speak at the Canisius College Science Hall about “The Iran Nuclear Deal and the United States’ Conflicted Middle East Policy.”

Bello’s presentation aims to highlight the ongoing issues in the Middle East from a perspective not covered in the mainstream media.

Specifically, she aims to raise awareness of the U.S. role in these conflicts and the missed opportunity to promote diplomacy.

“When they say either sign this Iran Deal or go to war, it’s not a threat from the Iranians,” Bello said. “It is a threat from Mr. Schubertmer, it is a threat from the Republicans, and the American people need to see that and say we’re not going to support this.”

Bello noted a strong reaction from protesters who gathered in Rochester last Wednesday to show support for the Iran Nuclear Deal.

“People are really happy to come out and say no to war and say yes to diplomacy, yes to better, peaceful and more honorable forms of dealing with our neighbors,” she says.

Bello stressed the importance of knowledge and awareness.

“We really need to educate ourselves on American foreign policy, so that we can maybe counter it and help to develop a more universal foreign policy, a more constructive foreign policy.”

Bello’s presentation will be followed by a performance from Lou Dejesus, founder of  Buffalo Anti-Racism Coalition and regional coordinator for Save The Kids, titled “Connecting the Dots: U.S. Domestic and Foreign Policy.”

The WNY Peace Center’s membership meeting will follow at 8pm.

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