Rooney responds to critics with Hat Trick after 10 game drought

It was Wayne Rooney’s hat trick last Wednesday as Man United clinched a blowout win against Brugge, 4-1 that evening, and 7-1 on aggregate.

Van Gaal was happy, Man United moved forward, but the story was about Wayne Rooney who went more than 10 games without scoring and who, that evening, answered back his critics by a spectacular hat trick.

In fact, Rooney was a subject of various critics from individuals and the British media for going more than ten games without scoring. Realistically, it is not quite clear whether critics directed at Rooney on his goal record were grounded or not. The British national is 29 and is now chasing the legendary Bobby Charlton who has up to now broken the record with more goals scored than any other British player.

Whether he continues to score or not, Rooney’s age begins to put pressure on his overall ability as a soccer player as it has been the case with several other players. Therefore, it is going to be unfair to expect much from Rooney.

Instead, the opportunity should be used to prepare replacements once he decides to retire.

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