Real Madrid Crush Espanyol, Ronaldo Breaks The Record, Messi Works Wonders


From his international break, Ronaldo scored five astonishing goals as Real Madrid crushed Espanyol 6-0 during their La Liga encounter.

Two things to keep in mind is that Real Madrid’s superman got his hat trick inside the first 20 minutes, which is an impressive goal scoring speed during a game.

The second important aspect is that these five goals propel Ronaldo over Real Madrid’s all-time La Liga scoring chat with Ronaldo, now at 230, goals against Raul’s 228. None of us can ignore the astonishing speed at which Ronaldo has broken this record. While it took 550 Spanish games for Raul to reach his number, Ronaldo needed only 204 matches in the Iberian Peninsula to claim to pinnacle of the Spanish top scoring spot.

The news last Saturday was not only about Ronaldo. As Barcelona faced off against Athletico Madrid, Coach Luis Enrique chose to bench Messi who had just come from a 1-1 friendly international match between Argentina and Mexico in Arlington, Texas. After watching the game from the bench for approximately 60 minutes, during which Barcelona were locked in a 1-1 draw against Athletico Madrid, the superman was called on duty for the remaining 30 minutes and he did just what superman does: he worked wonders. Collecting a pass from Luis Suarez soon after getting on the pitch, the superstar lashed a shot that gave Barcelona the winning goal of the evening.

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