Angel Wings: An ethnic trademark for Buffalo

Angel Wings

To reach the attention of local food enthusiast, you have to make a unique dish that truly makes a statement. And throughout Chrusciki Bakery’s long history, they have been able to accomplish just that with their homemade Chruscikis, aka “Angel Wings.” Even though this dish probably counts (or it should) as the most famous pastry in Buffalo, the truth is that these fluffy treats are quite simple: a thin and fluffy pastry that are lightly fried and sprinkled with powdered sugar. However, what the “Angel Wings” lack in ingredients, it compensates in simplistic edible enjoyment.

The best part about Chrusciki’s “Angel Wings” is that while it is vaguely similar to a carnival funnel cake, this pastry is very light and dry, but still holds the same blissful flavor. This airy texture makes this dessert the perfect treat for any occasion. While some may enjoy it as a quick sweet snack, other may prefer it with a nice cup of coffee; the possibilities are simply endless. Between a sweet taste, an ability to balance lightness with flavor and the Polish and Buffolonian traditions of E.M Chruschiki’s surrounding it, how could these delectable delights not be considered a perfect Buffalo Trademark?

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