E.M Chrusciki’s: The Symbol of the Broadway Market



If you’ve ever ventured to the legendary Broadway Market on Broadway street, the first thing you may have noticed are the vast array of old school pictures adorning the right side walls, along with one name right above. You see the name again at a colorful booth in the center of the marketplace, giving visitors the incentive that a bakery like this must be worth your business. This notion could easily be proven true, because the name of this bakery just so happens to be E.M. Chrusciki’s, the most famous Polish Bakery in all of Buffalo.

The origins of Chrusciki’s began in 1984 when Polish couple Hania and Teddy Robieniek traveled with their children from their communist-bound home in Gdansk to the City of Good Neighbors to pursue teaching careers. It wasn’t until 1987 when the bright idea dawned on the couple to start their own bakery, which would result in them buying E.M. Bakery and renaming it as E.M. Chrusciki’s at the market.

Instead of using the original menu, the pair actually went back to Europe in order to find the most extravagant baked goods to bring back to their new store. With these unique European pastries as their backbone, Chrusciki’s was able to make a huge name for themselves in the Broadway Market, so much that the Robienieks would be able to branch their business off to two additional stores in Kenmore and Lancaster. In 2013, Teddy and Hania decided to step down from their posts as owners of the bakery and gave it to their daughter Ania, who has built Chrusciki’s reputation up even more by adding lavish catering services for various parties or weddings and showing off their artistic cake decorating skills in the process.

From its unique pastry, Angel Wings, to their delectable homemade pierogis, it seems that E.M. Chrusciki’s food has always had something unique to offer, with their authentic and fresh flavors and the rich traditions surrounding them. The Robienieks are a prime example of how ethnic uniqueness and a strong family connection can really make an impact in your food and business, including their most faithful fans in their family circle. The legacy of E.M Chruscki’s will not only live in the history of the Broadway Market, but in the history of Buffalo, NY.


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