Healing fear and trauma of past life experiences


Most of refugees, asylees, and immigrants who are currently in the U.S. and other parts of the world have left their countries under the fear of facing persecution, torture, imprisonment, terror, or have lost their loved ones from the hand of dictatorship that prevails in most of their countries.

According to experts from Alchemy Institute of Hypnosis, fear blocks energy to the stomach and traumatic events in past life such as death can cause multiples mental consequences depending on the individual who experienced it, the gender of the victim, the nature and cause of the death, the date of the death, and the place of the death.

Working with traumatic memories, experts add, can cause mental health disorders as well as a permanent sense of hopelessness. According to experts from the faculty of medicine of Okasha Institute of Psychiatry of Cairo/Egypt, increasing and persisting socioeconomic problems that are usually associated with dictatorship are recognized risks to mental health. “Without the security and freedom provided by basic rights that dictatorship usually suppresses,” they point out, “it is difficult to maintain high level of mental health.”

Many experts provide various psychotherapy methods to healing fear or trauma caused by past life scenarios. People who have been victims of violent past life situations should create mechanisms that will help to genuinely recreate their past events, to analyze and clean up their memories by creating present peaceful and happier environment or life style. For Dr. Barbara Stone, a psychotherapist who relies on the results of her phenomenological study Invisible roots: how clearing past life trauma can liberate your present, says that asking the right question leads to the provision of right answers. “Developing rights questions lead to several regressions into past life trauma, which result in many amazing and powerful results about one’s real condition,” she says.

According to Dr. Roger Woogler, PhD, regression therapist and professional lecturer with degrees in psychology, religion, and philosophy form Oxford and London Universities, recreating past life events is not enough because everybody always produces through unconscious will past life stories when invited in the right way. However, he added that engaging people in spiritual practice and providing therapy such as the realization of past and present time for the purpose of readjusting the soul by taking into consideration each one’s physical and mental disposition, since psyche has multiple dimensions depending in people different physical and metal attributes.

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