Westminster Economic Development Initiative (WEDI) Helps Immigrants and Refugees Start Businesses

My experience at the Westminster Economic Development Initiative (WEDI) as an Economic Development Specialist has been a very exciting experience and I admire seeing how people’s lives are changed because of the work that we do. One of my clients recently said something that was very touching. She said: “WEDI presence on the West Side of Buffalo has honestly been a real blessing to the City of Buffalo.”

My client highlighted the fact that prior to her first meeting at WEDI, she felt very hopeless. All it took to comfort her was an initial meeting with an Economic Development Specialist. In fact, after discussing her business plan with a WEDI staff member and making cash projections, she finally realized that her dream of starting a business would indeed become a reality. Today, this client is a proud owner of a small business and is already coming up with an expansion plan.

In fact, many microloans seekers who have obtained service from WEDI never stop to thank the staff, the Board of Directors, and volunteers for continuously helping those of and refugees in Buffalo who have a desire to succeed and take part in the development of the city.

WEDI is basically a one-stop shop that helps refugees, immigrants, and U.S. citizens start and successfully run businesses on the Buffalo’s West Side. The agency helps many Buffalonians acquire resources that can be turned into steady income for their family stability. The programs include various benefits that a good number of refugees truly need because of their past traumatic experiences.

By helping immigrants/refugees become self-sufficient, we are help our communities through which the prosperity of the entire city can be attained. Such city’s prosperity can possibly leaders and residents to overcome various challenges that face present and future generations.

Although people are slow in joining the program, but surely they are now becoming familiar with both WEDI and the West Side Bazaar. WEDI understands what people’s needs are in these hard financial times and offers residents the opportunity to self-employ and normalize their families’ financial situations.

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