A Pro-Palestinian Group Protests at Niagara Square


Between 100 and 200 pro-Palestinian people gathered, Saturday 7, at Niagara square in solidarity with the Palestinian people to protest the resurgence of violence that is taking place in the Middle East.

Protestors who came from different areas of Buffalo along with a small group of sympathizers from Syracuse, Rochester, Ohio and Canada holding up Palestinian banners and flags demanded the United State government to condemn Israeli aggressions and massacre against Palestinians in the Middle East and to call for an immediate cessation of violence.

“We are protesting against injustice and the violations of human rights in Middle East. We are against racism and genocide. They bomb hospitals and kill civilians and innocent people and finally they say that it is self-defense. That is unacceptable,” said a protester who requested anonymity.   

Opposite to the area where pro-Palestinian protestors were stationed, another peaceful group of pro-Jewish activists were gathered with Israeli flags and banners on which messages such as “Israel shall remain an eternal land” or “ we stand with Israel” could be read.

A young Palestinian who did not want to disclose his name told Karibu News that Israelis and Palestinians who are living in the United States are not enemies, but each side, he said, needs to respect the other. “Palestine must be free. We need peace. That’s all we need today,” He said.

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