Multi-channel access to government services


I had the pleasure of serving as an Urban Fellow Intern for the Division of Citizens Services at City Hall, where I had a wonderful supervisor and gained invaluable experience working with the department to provide the public with multi-channel access to government services and information.. I attended several training and professional development sessions with my class of interns, where I built authentic connections with supervisors from almost every division within City Hall and many influential leaders in Buffalo.

The objective of the Division of Citizens Services was to implement, and sustain a centralized call system capable of resolving non-emergency service requests with faster response times and higher rate of resolution than previous systems. I was tasked with researching the rate at which the division can produce a solution with effectiveness, which speaks to the quality of the solution from the users’ ends perspective.

Through many meeting with Director Oswaldo Mestre and Professor Varun Chandola from University at Buffalo, we were able to put together a proposal for submission to The University of Chicago’s Data Science for Social Good.

They will help analyze 311 data; and predict when and where graffiti, potholes, and other problems are likely to occur. This is a massive stepping stone for the Division, and I am honored to be part of this initiative that will build analytic models that would eventually be used to prevent problems and deliver City services more proactively.

With the help of the DSSG to create an advanced method to compile the data from 311, a centralized computer system, we will be able to translate higher efficiency to quicker problem solve, but also navigate better through our strategic challenges.

Also in the spirit of improving Buffalo, under the duty of Urban Fellow, my research and co-authorship of “Millennial Council: Effectively bridging or diminishing the gap between young professionals and local government,” was a life time opportunity.

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