400 families share Thanksgiving Dinner with Mayor Brown


Mayor’s office in partnership with McCoy’s Shades of Greatness Foundation invited 400 families at the Buffalo City Hall for a traditional Thanksgiving dinner where needy families were given a turkey as well as bags of groceries.

Mayor Brown started the Thanksgiving turkey giveaway tradition some years ago when he was Councilman, giving away 25 turkeys to families need.

Last year, Mayor Brown gave away 300 turkeys. This year, the Mayor’s office partnered with a popular football player, McCoy’s Shades of Greatness Foundation, who provided 100 additional turkeys.

For the first time his year, Immigrants and refugees were invited by Mayor Brown’s office to celebrate Thanksgiving Day. Community leaders brought to New American Office at list 12 families who received each a free turkey and various foods.

“We reached out to the community leaders and community members and asked for names of families that would benefit from Mayor Brown’s Turkey Giveaway event,” said Lazarin Jessica, the heard of New American Office.

Pen Kyaing, a Burmese who was among those who have been invited to share Thanksgiving dinner with Mayor Brown came to pick up his turkey along with six family members.

“I was excited last week when I received an invitation letter from City Hall on this Thanksgiving turkey giveaway occasion,” Kyaing said.

“In Burma we don’t celebrate Thanksgiving but we have other celebration days like the American Thanksgiving. So I’m very glad to share a Thanksgiving Dinner with other American people for the first time,” he added.

Burundian Raphael Bangurunaza, 73, has been invited for the first time with his family to receive a free Thanksgiving turkey. Bangumaza appreciated the invitation and could not hide his emotion.

Thanksgiving Day is a federal holiday celebrated since 1863 where in the United States where a traditional meal consisting of turkey, rolls, cranberry, stuffing, mashed potatoes, pie and other side dishes is shared among friends and family members for the foundation of our families and for country.

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