The Nov. 13 inhuman, immoral and barbaric terrorist attacks that plunged Parisians and the world into consternation, sorrow, horror, and understandably, aversion, prompt us once again to reflect on the present and future safety of the world; and only a heartless person would remain indifferent to the urgency of action such atrocity demands.

In fact, throughout the history, terrorism has been active and no half decade -or even less- has gone by without it, and no geographical area inhabited by human beings has escaped the bloody print of terrorism. Whether exercised on a state versus state level, state versus citizens, citizens versus state, or citizens versus citizens, the use of terror or fear by means of violence (bombing, explosion, killing, torture, imprisonment, brutality, intimidating messages and practices) against individuals in order to accomplish a political, religious, or ideological goals has been recorded from everywhere in the world.

As illustrated in Arnaud Blin’s book, from the first Mesopotamia empire of Akkad of Sargon, the Assyrian authority, the Ottoman empire, the French Revolution era, The Jewish Zealots (the Isma’ih sect known as the Assassins), the Christians and Protestants in England, the Nazism in Germany, the Stalinism (Bolshevism), Ku Klux Klan in U.S.A. to several African tyrannical regimes, to mention just a few, terrorism has been the mode of either taking power, preserving it, disrupting it, or bringing it down.

However, besides some relatively isolated terrorism related cases such as the Sikh Sinkh (US), Andrew Bervik (Norway), Timothy McVeigh (Oklahoma City, U.S.), and some others, the type of rampant and horrifying terrorism that has torn the world apart, dividing Muslims’ and non-Muslims, and metastasizing among our youth across the globe in the past 45 years is the Islamic terrorism.

Always, in dealing with people’s behaviors, let’s not forget the principle of causality; the idea that a situation is always caused by another situation. No person does anything without a reason or cause unless he is fool. But a fool also does silly and horrible things because he is fool. It is through the understanding of his foolishness that we can deal with him. Likewise, the world will never come to eradicating terrorism unless it is willing to honestly understand its causes and deal with them effectively.

In perusing several books and speeches, footages form media, press conferences and insights from Muslim and non-Muslim leaders, experts and scholars, secular and religious analysts, it becomes clear that three causes are being overwhelmingly linked to terrorism: the U.S. foreign policy (notably the Israeli-Palestinian crisis), the expansion of Islam or the establishment of Sharia law as the world’s governing document, and lastly, the Westernization of the world.

For many years, a large number of politicians and scholars from all over the world refer to the presence of Israel in Palestine as an occupation. Meaning, they tell Palestinians that they have been occupied on their territory by Israeli military forces. Realistically, it would be naïve for anyone who is cognizant of human history to think that no movement or organization of a terrorism fashion would one day emerge in Palestine in the pursuit of national liberation. Both sides as well as the world have agreed upon a two state-solution with the protection and recognition of Israel’s right to exist. The United Nations, the European Union and the United States should pull their efforts together in order to force in an honest and credible way both parties to accept and observe a two-state accord. Any attempt to drag out the solution only makes it worse for Palestinians, Israelis, innocent Parisians and the world.

The world is dramatically changing and people’s self-determination is becoming more assertive than ever before. It is time for developed countries and their developing counterparts to design new strategies of relationship and development that are based on mutual respect, mutual consideration and the pursuit of common interests.

As we are opposed to American expansionism and the politics of variable geometry, and so should we all condemn religious ethnocentrism that there is a religion that is better than others and that everybody must join it or die; that blasting building and killing innocent women, men and children is justified by God. On the contrary, it defies the all notion of deity and God’s love. All, Muslims, Christians and other faiths should publicly condemn terrorism and organize interfaith rallies and seminars to counteract it. Paris attacks affect all of us, our human dignity, our religious faith and our civilization. That is why the world should all as one mourn with French people.

Realistically, not all Muslims are terrorists. That is why all should un-hypocritically come together, Muslims and non-Muslims, to decry terrorism. Although not all Muslims are terrorists, the majority of terrorist attacks of the last four decades have been carried out by Muslims or Muslim-inspired individuals. Such overwhelming trend lead understandably some people to get into generalization. Although such judgment is hard to support, Islam and Muslims’ reputation have been and are being considerably tarnished, and only Muslims can effectively restore them.

On the other side, it is also important to objectively realize that the attempt of federal and local leaders to oppose the admission of Iraqi and Syrian refugee resettlement, although unconstitutional, expresses the growing concern of leaders about people’s security in the aftermath of the Paris tragedy. Such concern has been shared with a good number of people who also recognize the constitutionality of it.

It is from this perspective that Karibu News supports the admission of Syrian refugees in the U.S., and particularly in Buffalo, thanks to the incomparable sense of humanity, hospitality, and compassion of the U.S., which no other country has exhibited as far as refugee resettlement is concerned.  In return, specialized entities at all levels ought to use whatever means they have to make sure bad guys do not take advantage of American good faith to spread horror and cause social instability.

Going forward, it is time for local churches, mosques, Muslim organizations and resettlement agencies in concert with government agencies to develop programs designed to dissuade all immigrants and refugees from terrorism in any shape or form, and to help them become good citizens and not a threat for a country that has given them freedom, equality, dignity, and opportunity they could not otherwise enjoy in their home countries. Let us use the sadistic tragedy of Paris as an opportunity to do better.   

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