President Obama: Rejecting refugees will be a betrayal


Nov. 16, global leaders gathered in Turkey (Antalya) to attend the G20 Summit, which took place in the aftermath of the tragic terrorist attacks of Paris. The G20 leaders met to discuss new ways to get the global economy growing faster and creating more jobs for people. All leaders recognized the need for pooling together efforts and promoting an inclusive growth that addresses the rising inequality around the world.

Speaking about the terrorist attacks that shook up the city of Paris three days ago, Pr. Obama said that America flags were at half-staff in solidarity with the people of France. He emphasized on the streamlining of information among Intelligence agencies to alleviate the threat of terrorism. Pr. Obama praised coalition efforts that have succeeded to dislodge ISIL from various bases in Syria and Iraq. “Both in Syria and Iraq ISIL controls less territories than it did before,” he said.

As to the plan of admitting Syrian refugees in the U.S., which some voices now contest following the terrorist attacks on Paris, Pr. Obama said that countries like Turkey, Lebanon and Jordan, which are already bearing an extraordinary burden, cannot be expected to do it alone. He indicated that Syrian refugees are themselves victims of terrorism and that slamming the door in their face would be betrayal. Mr. Obama said that even as the U.S. accepts more refugees, it does so after subjecting them to rigorous screening and security checks.

Lastly, he told reporters that it is a humanitarian commitment and governments have to do more individually and collectively to address the agony of the Syrian people. “The United States is already the largest donor of humanitarian aid to the Syrian people with some $4.5 billion in aid so far,” he said. Although Pr. Obama promised additional donation from U.S in clothing and generators, he however indicated that the U.N. appeal for Syrian still has less than half the funds needed.

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