The distribution of Satanic lessons in schools, the debate still continues

The controversy surrounding the issue of freedom and its boundaries; separation of church and state and its application, is one of the problems that might affect the stability of the American society if it is not wisely handled. This is has been illustrated in the issue of the Florida Satanic Temple that some months ago requested the right to distribute satanic materials from its “Big Books” to students in the Orange County schools.

In his article, Stephen D. Foster Jr. reported that leaders of the notorious Satanic Temple went to court to request that materials from their “Big Book” be distributed in schools as it is the case for the Bible.

A Florida judge ruled August last year that by allowing Christian materials to be read by students, schools must open their doors to any religious group to provide materials of its own. Considering itself as a religion, Satanic Temple got material of its “Big Book” ready to be distributed to students in Orange County.

According to some analysts, all this has been triggered by extremist Christians who want to impose Christian materials upon students, while undermining the principle of separation of church and state.

A 46-year-old mother of four from Buffalo who requested anonymity bluntly said that the country as whole is already dominated by evil so, it becomes difficult to blame a small manifestation of it. “There are so many evil things that are taking place in this country under the blessing of our leaders. So, exposing our children to satanic materials is just part of evil things that have been going on in this country,” she said. When asked what kinds of evil things she was referring to, she decided not to say anything. “I know it, you know it,” she concluded.

According to Reverend Pierre Albrecht-Carrié of Kenmore United Church, the problem is about religious themselves because they allow one thing and not the other. “My basic philosophy is that, if we were doing what we are supposed to do, it wouldn’t be much of an issue. But we are not, ok,” he said. Rev. Carrié believes that religious leaders should be preaching love and changing the world in order to overcome negative things.

It is however important to indicate that later on, the Orange County school board voted for a policy that allows outside materials but  nothing that is political, religious, or sectarian.

According to Orlando Sentinel, for three years, the district allowed bibles and materials provided by an atheist group known as the Central Florida Freethought Community. But when the Satanic Temple requested to distribute its materials to kids in school, the district banned all outside materials.

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