“MR 716” in series movie

Describing him as Jermainel Harris won’t be easier, but describing him as MR 716 would shed light on who the man really entails. MR 716 is a performer and entertainer. Playing the main character in “PURE”, a series movie depicting urban stories based on a book that was written by Deuce King about Buffalo streets. The all filming is conducted by Ak-Reed Films of which MR 716 is member.

Ak- Reed Films was born in April 2015 with the goal of creating opportunities and jobs for the less fortunate. Seeing the group shooting a movie on Bailey Avenue in Eastside, was surprising as many of their shooting equipments were unconventional for a typical movie shooting.

In this series, MR 716 plays the main character, while Alfonzo Carter plays Nevada.


“Pure” intends to highlight through this new artistic piece life and event in the streets of Buffalo. The movie is expected to be watched all over the country next year.

MR 716 or “BIG MIZ” is also a musical artist. One of his popular songs is “NASTY FALLZ”, which features MR 716 and his family in the struggle of life. “My greatest musical inspirations music wise are old school pioneers like the Great James Brown, Stevie Wonder, Tina Marie, Sade and Prince,” MR716 said

MR 716’s music is driven by the great themes of life such as truth, change and moving forward in the midst of tribulations and challenges. “What I want people to get from my music is the truth and a real complete story …. My life consists of pushing forward and moving forward as a man and an artist” He said.

MR 716 has a catalog of at least 200 songs waiting to be released to his audience in the future. Unfortunately, poor equipments and very limited budget may make thinks difficult.

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