One million migrants joined Europe in 2015


The International Organization for Migrants (IOM) and the UN announced last month that the number of migrants and refugees entering by sea and earth from six countries at the external borders of the European Union exceeded one million in 2015.

This is the most important migration flows since World War II; more than a million migrants arrived in Europe since January 2015, most of them through dangerous sea routes of the Mediterranean. The two organizations stated that the expected number of migrants and refugees reached a record 250 million worldwide in 2015.

The number of migrants reached an ever registered number of 250 million last year in the world on a mass influx of refugees in Europe, according to estimates the World Bank released in its recent yYear-End Report. Migration within the South represents 38% of global migration, according to the institution’s report. These figures include all population movements related to political, cultural or economic reasons.

These migrants sent to their families or relatives in their country of origin the total sum of 601 billion dollars, including 441 billion to developing countries. “The amount of money they transfer to their countries is three times higher than what is released for development assistance, which shows how migrants provide real life sustenance to millions of households in developing countries,” says Dilip Ratha, co-author of the report. These remittances are mostly part of the United States ($ 56 billion), Saudi Arabia (37 billion) and Russia (33 billion). Countries that have benefited the most are India, which reached $ 72 billion, China (64 billion) and the Philippines ($ 30 billion).

The main sending countries are India, Mexico, Russia, China and Bangladesh, while countries that receive the most immigrants are the United States, Saudi Arabia, Germany, Russia and the United Arab Emirates, according to the report. The most frequented migration route, which is the one connecting Mexico to the United States, has been used in 2015 by 13 million people.

In 2014, the World Bank also counted 14.4 million refugees, these people fleeing persecution in their countries by applying for asylum in another state. Refugees last year accounted for 6% of all migrants, according to report. 86% of these refugees were welcomed by developing countries, such as Turkey, Pakistan and Lebanon, while developed countries have welcomed 1.6 million.

Figures compiled by IOM involve six countries: Greece, Bulgaria, Italy, Spain, Malta and Cyprus. Greece totaling the overwhelming majority (816,752) of recorded 1,005,504 arrivals by December 21.

One in two among the half million migrants who crossed the Mediterranean this year, was a Syrian fleeing war in his country”, according to UNHCR and IOM. Afghans accounted for 20% of migrants and Iraqis 7%.

While some migr2015 has left around 3000 people waiting to enter at all cost to the United Kingdom. These people mostly stay in the North of France, in Nord Pas de Calais region, where they live in shocking conditions in a camp known as The New Jungle. From different Asian and African countries, these migrants do not wish to be relocated in France, their current transit country, instead they take many risks to desperately enter the UK.

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