West Side Bazaar Welcomes Katie Couric


Last Tuesday, the West Side Bazaar vendors were excited to host Katie Couric, a journalist at Yahoo Global News Anchor.

In her upcoming Series named “Rebuilding America” that is expected to start on January 15, the focus will on six different cities on the rebound in the country, with the 10-minute piece on Buffalo.

When she arrived at Buffalo, Couric met with different people like the Buffalo Mayor, Byron Brown; she visited the Canal side and then the 43 North Headquarters, before interviewing some local entrepreneurs.

The most memorable time was Couric’s meeting with local immigrants and refugees working at West Side Bazaar. Ben Bissell, the Executive Director of the Westminster Economic Development Initiative “WEDI”, explained to Couric how supportive his agency was towards Immigrants and refugees to start business in the country. “We help them through the small loans to start business and we continue to coach them to do business” Bissel told Couric.

Vendors at West Side Bazzar were happy to meet the super famous journalist. One of the vendors, Julienne Nyiranjishi, said that it was pleasure to talk with her, somebody told me that she is much known in this country. I think this is an opportunity for me as someone who will be watching her show on TV.

Katie Couric thought that it would be a fun series to take a look at some of these urban areas that have faced challenges from the new economy, the recession, etc… “I really didn’t realize the renaissance that is happening in Buffalo until I started to look into it,” Couric told medias.  The idea to start this new series with Katie Couric were supposed to start in last July but unfortunately it couldn’t happen according to her.

Katie Couric, the news anchor at Yahoo News, was a longtime host of NBC’s “Today” show from 1989 to 2006, a former anchor for “CBS Evening News.” from 2006 to 2011 and then at ABC News from 2011 to 2014.

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