Can Zidane live up to all the expectations that come with being a Real Madrid coach?


If you are a true football fan then you must know that Zinedine Zidane (commonly known as zizou) is arguably considered as one of the greatest football players of all time. But can the French football legend prevail as a coach like he did as a player? Being a Real Madrid Manager is one of the most unstable jobs in the world. After all, the club has had 12 managers in the past 12 years.

For many fans like myself, it is impossible to forget zizou’s two headers in the 1998 World Cup Final in France or his volley for Real Madrid in the 2002 UEFA Champions League final at Hampden Park in Scotland. I must admit, however, that his career as a football player was filled with many highs and lows. Perhaps the lowest moment of his entire career dates back to the 2006 World Cup Final when the French player head butted Marco Materazzi of Italy for allegedly hurling spiteful words at him.

That said, can the man who won the FIFA Men’s World Cup and the ballon d’or in 1998, the European Cup in 2000, the UEFA Champions League Final in 2002, and the UEFA Best European Player of the Past 50 Years in 2004, be the solution to Real Madrid’s problems today?

As many know, Zidane’s nomination as the Real Madrid Manager did not come out of the Blue. The exFrench captain has spent years as an advisor to Real Madrid President Florentino Perez, as a coach for Real Madrid Castilla (Real Madrid’s reserve team), and as an assistant coach to both José Mourinho and Carlo Ancelotti (Real Madrid two previous head coach).

So far Real Madrid’s era under Zinedine Zidane is up to a great start. The La Liga team won both their matches against Deportivo de La Coruña and Sporting de Gijón with scores of 50 and 51.

But we won’t know whether or not zizou is a great coach until the next Clasico against Leo Messi’s FC Barcelona. Real Madrid Players after a morning training session As a Madridista, I can only hope and pray that the team I have spent a lifetime supporting will have a great season and win multiple trophies. Zinedine Zidane is the son of Algerian immigrants and for many Africans like myself, Zidane’s stubborn persistence to be great is our collective stubborn persistence to be great. For now, all we can do is be patient and allow this living legend to do what he does best:Winning trophies of course. Until then, HALA MADRID!

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