Restaurant of the Week: Balkan Dining

Members of Jewish Family Services invited Karibu to lunch at Balkan Dining, located at 687 Kenmore Avenue. The fresh and inspired Mediterranean fare led us to discuss what makes for a lively meal. Here, we share some standout moments. From how fresh feta cheese should make you feel, to eating grasshoppers for the sake of adventure, two JFS volunteers share their delicious tales. Chew on this!

Anna Sharpe; grew up in Buffalo and spent time living in Ohio, Scotland, Mexico, and Brooklyn.

I had a stuffed pita with meat and potato and it was delicious, and very filling! I love Mexican food, having lived there and having to get used to the local cuisine. I traveled to the Middle East and the food I had while there was amazing. I think getting food right from the source is what makes the biggest difference in quality and taste. I love all types of Asian cuisine, and had the best Chinese food when I went to China. I ate grasshoppers when I was in Mexico City. I had to close my eyes the first time but I liked them. They were crunchy and seasoned with salt and chile.

Minesh Patel; Westchester, New York.
I had the Greek Salad at Balkan Dining, Turkish coffee and a slice of decadent chocolate cake.  The Greek Salad contains a Bulgarian Feta Cheese that is to die for. I have never had feta cheese like this before and it is my sole reason in ordering the salad and reason alone to eat here. I have a pretty expansive palate and enjoy most cuisines that offer me options. I am a lacto-ovo vegetarian so my food options are always limited to non-meat items; however, there is always at least one or two items that are veggie friendly most places these days.

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