Poetry: A Poem to Your Shadow

You don’t show up in mirrors anymore

not like you used to, underneath my eyes
or hanging over my head
You used to be sewn to my feet –
I took you everywhere I went

You stood behind me, and for the longest time
I thought that meant you had my back
but how often has help come, from one
who’s only ever looking over your shoulder?

We liked to commiserate together –
I thought this was a good thing
blood letting the darkness insides us, but
you are like a puddle

I may just splash once
but that waters coming along
informing the next steps taken
and leaving them marked

You didn’t follow me, I carried you
in the front pockets of old coats
that smell like cheap cigarettes and bad nights
in shoeboxes full of pictures I’ve been too afraid to burn

In cupped hands walking to the front of church
like a blanket so that when the lights went out
I was fine because I was already used to the dark
You don’t show up in mirrors anymore

Not since I put you down

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