Ganesh Regmi’s list of Customs and Taboos

We spoke to Ganesh Regmi of the Bhutanese-Nepali Community of Buffalo about taboos in his culture. He provided us with this list of what we he thinks we should know as Westerners.

  • Meat has been prohibited for numerous reasons. People may think it is nonsense, but modern science is already on top of it and has explained the pros and cons of flesh.
  • Basic human qualities, helping the needy and being honest are highly encouraged. It is prohibited to do otherwise. At the same time, children are responsible for parents when they get old, the same way the parents took care of them until they stood on their own two feet.
  • The cast system was completely unfair. People still need to educate themselves. Elderly people misunderstood the cast system and kept it as forbidden for children. Slowly, people are getting educated about humanity and it is getting better.
  • Family has always kept children and passes the right to knowledge onto them. Burglaries and fighting is a phenomenal prohibition for children or anyone else.
  • Restriction for women to study and keeping them to house work was the biggest mistake and was in order until 1990. This got better now, and women finally have equal opportunity these days.
  • This is a dialectal culture. Everyone is free to think and follow whatever they please, and nobody will be prosecuted. However, our culture has a phenomenal understanding that ancients prescribed.

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