At this time in the 21st century, we are allowing lies to control our thoughts and actions. The media is producing incorrect beliefs and misconceptions about Islam. It is always easy to point fingers at others, if you disagree with them or express racism towards them. Islam is a religion that is facing war from all over the world, most notably from ISIS. Out of the people of the three Monolithic religions, Muslims are the most racially profiled against. ­­

From my own perspective and—as it appears on news media, or even in the movies—from the perspective of many others, Islam is considered a violent religion. Because the general populace are indolent and lazy to think or learn, they cannot differentiate between the religion of Islam and the Muslims who follow the Islamic faith. Like any religion, Islam promotes peace and encourages people to care, share, love, and protect one another and mankind in general from evil acts. Islam is the word of God (Allah), the creator of mankind, Earth, and all living and nonliving things. The act and actions from specific people and groups should not be taken against the religion of Islam in totality. Likewise, the Ku Klux Klan (KKK), an extremist group that commits terrorist attacks in the name of Christianity are not stigmatized or labeled as a terrorist group by the media and government. Instead, the word “terrorist” is used to stereotype, stigmatize, and discriminate against Islam and Muslims. Any act of terror should be called out for what it is, regardless of the terrorist’s background.

Throughout history, we realize that wars and attacks are always on the weaker countries, groups, people, and religions. Now, since the Arab and Muslim countries are far away from power (army, education, and manpower), powerful countries from different religions and beliefs are taking advantage of this to control Muslim countries and to stigmatize and badmouth the religion of Islam.

During the 800 years of the “Muslim occupation of Andalusia,” Muslims enlightened the European countries and provided them with knowledge and education in all fields. Muslims during that time were powerful, and their land extended from Andalusia, Spain, all the way to China. The spread of Islam happened by spreading the word of God and love all over the globe.

At one point, during president Clinton’s term, Muslims lived a golden life. The officials had heard the Muslims’ voice and their struggles. They had many opportunities to reach out to the media and to Americans at large. However, when president George W. Bush was in office, things changed completely. American extremists appear and they pushed for war against Muslims. It was planned to attack Iraq and destroy it for oil and to use it as an army base. George Bush pursued the war on Afghanistan to kill Bin Laden and on Iraq to kill Saddam Hussein. He killed thousands of innocent people and caused instability in the region, as well as causing people to seek refuge in America, Europe and elsewhere where they can find stability, freedom, and security.

People of Islam have been suffering ever since their loss of Andalusia. And especially these days with the spreading of hate against Islam, powerful countries won’t leave Muslim countries alone to solve their own problems without interfering. Instead those countries are using the Arab Muslim countries as a source of wealth and as consumers of their products. Arab Muslims have lost their lands, have divided into 22 countries, have been stereotyped badly, and have been discriminated against. The majority of non-Muslims don’t like to read or hear about Islam because of what they have heard or read from the media.

Of course this discussion can go on, since this subject cannot be covered in one article.