Letter from the Publisher

Last week, I had an interesting interview with Voice Of America ( VOA) on their “Murisanga” show; people were listening in Kinyarwanda, a language spoken in Rwanda. Following this show, we talked about different topics and about what is happening in Rwanda and Burundi. Not only people from these countries, but most of the people living in East Africa can call to share or ask the the interviewer questions.

“Murisanga show” is moderated by Eddie Rwema. He wanted to know about Karibu News and its role in helping immigrants and refugees coming to Buffalo to be integrated into the community and the culture. After explaining my experience as a journalist in Rwanda, where I used to work as a Radio presenter, I told him I was also running my own news paper, “Oasis Gazette.”

I explained to him the goal of Karibu News. I demonstrated that it’s a unique multilingual and multicultural paper which came to be a solution of the language barrier among immigrants and refugees coming from all over the world to settle in Western New York. Over 60 languages are spoken in Buffalo, and not many of the New Americans speak English. I created “Karibu News” as a bridge between natives, immigrants, and refugees.

Eddie Rwema asked me how I was able to run a newspaper, as it is tough for other immigrants and refugees coming in United States of America to go back to their professional jobs. I explained that when I got to the USA, starting my life was very hard and I faced barriers, which happens to many immigrants and refugees. After learning English as a second language, I was committed to pass through all those barriers and dared to start my new life in United State, working hard to get my dream to come true. I told him “Today I’m proud that Karibu News is serving my community, as I used to do in my home country.”

All the listeners who called during the show were excited to know about Karibu News and our initiative, and suggested some interesting ideas. James from Burundi suggested that Karibu shouldn’t only be for immigrants and refugees coming in the USA but be a source of information for other people who want to immigrate to America.

“As you know, most of the people want to immigrate to the United States but don’t have enough information on what’s going on there. They just think that they are going to succeed as soon as they get there, but this is not the case. Some of them begin to regret their move, and can not even go back in there home country. I suggest that Karibu News inform those people before they immigrate,” Jane Uwimana from Rwanda suggested in the interview with VOA.

People called from many different countries during this show, and they were happy to hear that I continued my journalistic career in helping my community. I promised them that Karibu will continue to be a source of information to the people coming to America, especially to Buffalo and with our website WWW.THEKARIBUNEWS.COM, where we will share important information about what’s going on in this country.