You’ll Get Your Dollars’ Worth: Phở Dollar Vietnamese Restaurant

Let me start by saying I love Vietnamese food.

I was lucky enough, when I lived in Chicago, to be right next to a neighborhood aptly named “Little Vietnam.” When I moved back to Buffalo, I was afraid my days of Vietnamese food were over. Well, I am happy to say I was wrong.

This is my second time at Phở Dollar. The first time I was pleased and was looking forward to returning.

The restaurant’s exterior left me with the impression that the interior would a small storefront. Upon entering I was really happy to see a large, open and brightly lit space with two floors.  My husband and I were seated upstairs.

Vietnamese is a cuisine that goes well with beer, so we asked if there was any Vietnamese beer available. The answer was “yes” to beer but “no” to Vietnamese, so my husband settled for a Corona while I had tea.

We started out with two appetizers. We ordered #8 Goi Tom Thit; and #11 Bánh Xèo. Bánh Xèo came first.

Vietnamese 1

It was a pancake filled with shrimp, pork and bean sprouts. While the marinated carrots and cucumbers on the side were a lovely fresh/crunchy note to the hot crispness of the pancake, I was a little disappointed by the lack of shrimp and pork in the dish overall.

The Goi Tom Thit—a cabbage salad with shredded pork and shrimp and topped with nuts—came next. It was fabulous. I was not disappointed by the amount of shrimp this time: there were plenty of perfectly cooked crustaceans

Vietnamese 2

The Chili dressing complemented the salad wonderfully.  This was my favorite dish.

Since it was so good the last time we ate at Phở Dollar, I was all set to order the Phở, which is Vietnam’s national dish consisting of a delicious soup with noodles. However, I was seduced by #36; Hủ Tíeu Nam Vang — a combination of chicken, shrimp and pork in a wonderful broth with garlic and caramelized onions. The Quail eggs were a nice exotic touch. For my personal taste, they were slightly overdone; I like my eggs a little runny. Nonetheless this is a soup that I will be ordering again, especially if I have a cold.

My husband was very happy to see his favorite dish on the menu: #46 Bun Dac Biet; a Vermicelli noodle bowl with a combination of egg roll, grilled shrimp, grilled pork, ground shrimp, and ground pork. My husband requested a side bowl to mix the noodles with the chili paste and the dressing.

My husband dug into it with gusto and was satisfied with his choice.

The place is clean and bright. The wait staff is helpful and friendly. The food is well prepared and delicious. I love all aspects of Phở Dollar except for the name. “Phở Dollar” leads the customer to believe that this restaurant is inexpensive. While Phở Dollar is not overly expensive, it is not cheap—our final bill was $55.00-But the happy ending is this: Both my husband and I felt it was $55 well spent on a wonderfully prepared and delicious meal.

Phở Dollar
322 W Ferry St, Buffalo, NY 14213
Phone:(716) 768-0049




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