$1.6 million donated to local organizations

On May 12, First Niagara Bank and Key Bank announced a donation of $1.6 million to Western New York organizations to further invest in low-to moderate-income communities. In the meantime, both Banks merged and announced that in seven months, they will be working together under a new name.

Key Bank has been donating grants to Say Yes since 2012. This year, Say Yes received $1 million grant to support their mission to increase high school and post-secondary completion rates. This donation is also to encourage students to attend school with full scholarships.

Poppie Parish, Senior Vice President Diversity and Inclusion in Key Bank based in Ohio said “We really appreciate the impact of the grants we offer for the communities.  It’s powerful to see how these young men and women are motivated in education and we will continue to support Say Yes initiative as they stand to what we believe: to have a strong and educated community.”

The rest of the grant was reserved to other organizations investing in the IMG_9232community that create jobs, build safe and affordable housing, and nurture neighborhood based small businesses.

“It’s amazing, this grant helps us to accomplish our goals in the community. We are thankful for this,” Rahwa, director of PUSH Buffalo said. PUSH Buffalo received a $50,000 grant.

At this occasion, Key Bank offered First Niagara Foundation a donation of $20 million to strength their objectives in the community.

“This will make able our foundation to continue its good work and also help our neighbors in the community” said President of First Niagara Bank, Gary M. Crosby.

First Niagara Bank is able to touch the lives of forty thousand young people every year and this creates a positive influence, creating the potential to change our youth’s life.  “Mentally, this does matter and I’m sure we will continue to mentor young people,” Gary added.

IMG_9228Key Bank and First Niagara bank CEO’s announced that they are waiting for federal regulations to have a new name.  “It’s better to work together for our success. We share values, and we share vision to what we do to our community. We will continue to work with integrity and commitment and give to our population the opportunity to be more successful,” Beth Mooney, President of Key Bank said.

Having its headquarters in Ohio, Cleveland and doing business in 15 states, Key Bank considers Buffalo as the second largest city it is doing business.

List of organizations that received a grant

  • Buffalo Urban League:  $ 25,000
  • Niagara Organizing Alliance for Hope (NOAH): $ 15,000
  • The Old First Ward Community Center: $ 10,000
  • PUSH Buffalo:  $ 50,000
  • Seneca-Babcock Community Association: $ 25,000
  • Seneca Street Community Development Corporation: $ 10,000
  • United Way of Greater Niagara: $ 5,000
  • The valley Community Association: $ 25,000
  • VOICE Buffalo: $ 15,000
  • The Western New York Law Center: $ 25,000


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