This week, we asked a couple students about Ramadan. Here is what they had to say:

image1Sar Ba Bee

 Where does your family come from?  Burma

What is your family’s religion? Muslim

Do you celebrate Ramadan? Yes

What does Ramadan mean to you? Ramadan is the month where we worship our God.  It is the month of blessing.

Would you ever consider fasting?  Why or why not? We fast for the whole month of Ramadan.  I’m not sure why, but I think it’s just part of what we do as Muslims to show respect for Allah.  We eat at 4 a.m.  We have to set our alarm to wake up and eat.  If we miss that meal, we do not eat again until 8:45 p.m., which is when we break our fast.  But certain people can’t fast, such as girls who are on their cycle.

What else does your family do to celebrate Ramadan? We usually make big dishes and pass them around and share them to break the fast.  We also pray more than usual.  Every day, we pray five times per day, but during Ramadan, our last prayer of the day is 20 verses longer than usual.


image2Marco Sweat

Where does your family come from?  Buffalo, NY

What is your family’s religion?  Christianity

Have you heard of Ramadan?  Yes

What do you know about Ramadan? It is a Muslim holiday and students from our school sometimes come in with gifts after Ramadan.

Have you heard of fasting? Yes, that’s when people don’t eat.

What do you think the benefits might be of fasting?  You probably lose weight and just cleanse your body in general.

Have you ever been on a fast? Yes, I tried it one time because I was going to Upward Bound and I was friends with a kid there who is Muslim and fasted often, so I decided to try it with him.  It was really hard because I was so hungry.  I didn’t even make it through one  day.  That really made me respect my friend because he’s dedicated to it and does it with no complaints.

How was it?  It was hard because I was so hungry.

How did it make you feel?  I have a lot of respect for him now because its really hard and he does it without complaining.

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