Letter from the Publisher: On the Shooting in Orlando

Please respect each other.

Every where around the world, people are talking about, and shocked about, the horrible mass shooting at Pulse, a gay nightclub in Orlando. Many countries all over the world are standing in solidarity with the LGBT community and praying for 49 innocent lives and others wounded during this violent and hateful act.

On Monday, June 13, I had the privilege to attend a rally to honor the victims. Hundreds of Buffalonians gathered at Niagara Square to condemn this act of violence. I was happy to see black and white, men and woman, Muslim, Christians and other religions, all standing together. They were strong and praying for peace and calling for no more violence.

It’s sad and a shame to kill somebody because you don’t have the same belief. Whoever you are; gay or straight, white or black, born from the south or the north, nobody was born to be ruthlessly murdered. Some people say  “it happened because of poor gun control,” others say “this is because of Islamic extremist” and others says this “was terrorism and an act of hate.” For me, whatever happened at Orlando or somewhere else, no body should be killed in that way, people should “RESPECT EACH OTHER.”

Whatever number of people killed, 50 people or 1 person should never have their life senselessly taken away. Murdering people should never been a solution to what you think.

I do think that people need to be more educated about non-violence, and learn how to respect each other. This is time to show our solidarity to the victims. It is time to stand and say no more blood in our streets, our hearts are broken enough. Please stop the violence.

Karibu News stands in solidarity  with all families of those innocent people who were killed or injured at the mass shooting in Orlando. We will continue to be a voice for non-violence.

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