Brexit: A lesson for United States of America?

In July, we will celebrate America’s 240th birthday. On July 4th, 1776 the continental Congress declared that the thirteen American Colonies regarded themselves as a new nation. From that day, the U.S.A was no longer part of the British Kingdom. This is a great time to thank all people involved in voting and fighting for independence of our nation. Being united as a nation is one of the things that make this country stronger and keeps us united.

As we are celebrating our independence, the breaking news is Brexit, or “Britain” and “Exit.” This became very controversial and some people don’t support Britain being out of this economic and political partnership involving 28 European countries. Not only economically or politically, people against this resolution say that this will affect European security, as Britain was one of the pillars of this region. Among consequences to Brexit, there is a big loss for the European market; the UK had access to at least 500 million people living in European countries. Now, they are going to have access to at least 65 million people. On the other hand, others are supporting Brexit and hope the UK will be more successful than being in EU. Chairman of JCB Lord Bamford said “Brexit will allow the UK to negotiate trade deals as our country rather than being one of 28 nations.”

It is true that the Brexit may have positive and negative impacts.  Personally, I do appreciate the referendum process and having people vote for this should be a lesson for other countries. It gives people the right to choose what they want. Yes, the UK can have a more positive impact as one country, but I don’t see this resolution as a solution for all their problems.

Of course this won’t only impact the UK, but also a lot of countries all over the world. It’s rare that you stay secured as your neighbor is unsecured. Stay together as European Union and make every single country in this partnership stronger. It will be sad if Britain take Exit and one day negotiates to re-unite in EU. As people are seeking for a second referendum, for the people of Britain, it’s time to be aware as this may be a dangerous decision in the future.

As we are celebrating Independence, we should keep thinking of ways to stay united and to become stronger. We empower ourselves and we hope that nobody can divide this country to be destroyed for any reason. Let’s celebrate Independence Day together, stay united, and enjoy being one nation.

Happy Independence Day

Rubens Mukunzi 

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