Buffalo Through the Eyes of a Photographer

Photo by Paul Fanara

Photography, as a passion for me, started at a young age. Pretty much as early as I can remember, I was fascinated with the idea of being able to capture images using a camera, and even around ten years old, I would steal away with my father’s camera, and burn up rolls of film. In high school at West Seneca West, I joined the photography team for the school yearbook, and took on photographing as many events, and as many of my fellow students as I could. I wasn’t the most social child, so photography gave me a reason to be more social, and gave others a reason to engage with me.

After high school however, the frequency, and consistency with which I practiced any photography waned as more adult responsibilities took a hold of my life.

Fast forward to modern day photography. I purchased my first DSLR kit in 2007, and quickly rediscovered the passion I had for photography in my youth. At the time I was traveling frequently for work, and owning a quality camera allowed me the luxury of capturing many of the places, people, and experiences I enjoyed while working from a different city every week. As that little Nikon D40x rekindled my passion, I found many other outlets to perform photography. Events, the growing fashion industry in Buffalo, all of the great architecture, and landscapes the region has to offer, creative, and artistic images – and of course, the excitement was buoyed by the enjoyment of sharing what I could capture, and create, across the internet with other people.

I don’t see my photography in its entirety as only a business. I find so much joy in knowing I can use my skills, knowledge, experience, and talents to help others, too. Whether it is supporting community organizations, the endeavors of friends, or just doing my best to capture an event in such a way that it creates a more positive image for Buffalo, and all the wonderful people, and places there are to enjoy here. Regardless of the reason, I put my best efforts into creating unique, and artistic images.

Since those days of travel almost a decade ago, my photography as a business, and my art has grown exponentially. I often look back on those old travel photos as some of my fondest memories, but also with a wisp of, “If I only knew then what I know now,” wishing I could go back and recapture those moments again as a more skilled photographer. But that’s one of the things that makes photography unique when compared to so many other art forms; you’re capturing a moment in a fraction of a second that can never be relived, or recreated, but once you’ve captured it, it exists in that image as long as you preserve that image.

I started writing a blog to chronicle my adventures, and stories under the label Living In The Buff in 2005, and that is the name I adopted for my photography studio as it has grown to become such a large part of my life.

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