We live in a true democracy—if you can vote, VOTE!

November 8, 2016 will be a historical day in the United States of America. On this election day, all American citizens 18 years and older who are registered to vote will have the opportunity to elect the next president and vice president of this nation. The 45th president will replace Barack Obama, who was elected as the 44th President in 2009.

Every American presidential election emphasizes the importance of democracy, and the results will be very revealing when the people exercise their role as voters.

In many countries around the world, people don’t have the chance to vote for their representatives or president. Even if these countries call themselves “democracies” in name, many of their so-called  elections end in violence or death of innocent people.

In these false democracies, candidates’ supporters may fight. Sometimes elections are characterized by manipulation. People may be forced to vote for the party in the power—allowing the candidates to cheat and commit fraud to cling to their power.

In these countries—which can actually be dictatorships—complete political power seems to stay in the hands of a single person or political party. They want to get rich or protect their families and ethnic group—and to do so, they will discriminate, terrorize, and use corruption and violence. This is not democratic.

I cannot say that democracy in United States is perfect—but it is the legitimate system. You can vote for the candidate of your choice, and nobody will come to kill you or force you to flee your country.

I loved the quotes from Obama when he met African presidents: “I am in my second term. Under our constitution, I cannot run again,” Obama told them. “There’s still so much I want to get done to keep America moving forward. But the law is the law and no one is above it, not even presidents. And, frankly, I’m looking forward to life after being president.”

In November, American citizens will choose between Hillary Clinton, from the Democratic Party, and Republican Donald Trump. Whatever people say about them, whatever they have done (or not done), one of this people will soon run this country.

If I had the right to vote, I would use the opportunity to vote for someone who will keep this country strong and powerful. A president who will be able to stabilize this country economically and keep it secure; a president who will not ignore the relationship with other countries in Europe, Asia, and Africa.

I don’t think that this country needs to build walls to protect itself. The immigration situation has created a lot of controversy in this long presidential process. This country was built by people who immigrated from other countries. I know that whoever is elected president will have to deal with this issue, and I believe that he or she should work hard to fix some issues in this situation.

I wish you to vote in democracy and freedom. If you never had a chance to vote your choice, please don’t miss it.

Thank you.

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