2017: New Year and New Presidency

As we look towards the new year, I am thinking about 2016. Many things happened.

We all wish to start the new year with good things, and to look forward to a better year than the last. It’s important to plan for positive things—it is part of life, though some times bad things happen.

As we anticipate 2017, as Americans, we especially start this year with a new presidency. Donald Trump is the forty-fifth elected president. He is an unknown in the political world, and, while many people supported and voted for him, there are those who are uncertain or worried about America.

When he won the election, some people cried and screamed; others went to the streets to protest.

After the election, I interviewed a Southern Sudan woman who has been in Buffalo for 12 years, She was crying because she is afraid that the new president won’t let refugees and immigrants to stay and be safe in this country. “I was hoping to bring my husband from Africa and I don’t think that it will be possible,” she told me.

And it’s not only refugees who are worried about the new presidency. Last week, I attended an inter-church meeting with different religious leaders.

A letter was read from Jim Winkler, an American citizen who was born here. Winkler, who’s the president and general secretary of National Council of Churches of Christ in the USA, said in his letter that “now is time for Mr. Trump to drop his threats to deport millions of people from the USA, to build a wall on the border with Mexico, to ban the immigration of Muslims and carry out surveillance on those who are here, to repeal the affordable care act, and to withdraw from the painstakingly crafted Paris agreement on climate change.”

It’s real. Many people are scared by new president. I have hope that it won’t be bad as people think.

There are many good people fighting for the future of this country. We need to keep working together and fight the negative and divisive things happening—not only in this country but all over the world. Don’t protest against the person but against bad acts. Keep working hard to be more successful in this coming year and for the future.

We celebrate 2017, the new year. Karibu News will continue to be a voice for peace and harmony in our communities. We will keep raising our voice against any kind of violence, racism, poverty and inequality.

I wish you and your families a Happy New Year.

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