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Summer Time: Time to spend and enjoy the weather

From March to November, we are enjoying nice weather after a long time in winter and spring time. Summer time is one the of best moments, when people are enjoying the world. In Buffalo, we love and enjoy the beauty of our neighborhoods. It’s a good time to work, to travel and to also to get the rest which is sometimes needed.

The first time I came to the United States, I had a chance to arrive in May. It was beautiful — lovely trees, parks, gardens were looking pretty and I couldn’t image that winter time would come one day. Normally, in Africa where I come from, it never gets cold and never snows. Our summer is beautiful too, and when I arrived I was expecting the same things here.

Summertime in Buffalo is a great moment to change fashions, especially for women who want to wear shorts and bikinis on the beach. Everybody wants to be free and enjoy the nice weather, but sometimes it’s very hot. Like I mentioned above, in my country it never get cold like Buffalo, but it never gets as hot as it does here, either. During my first time, I couldn’t stay any longer in my house, I had to go out and feel the fresh air. While driving I had to turn on my air condition system in my car, which made me nervous because I never been in this kind of weather.

Most of the people use this time to take vacation and travel to visit friends, or just fly away to explore the world. Some immigrants and refugees; enjoy summer time by traveling back in their home countries. I have a friend from Burma, who, a couple weeks ago when I met him, was telling me how he is happy to fly and go back to Burma to visit his family and friends. He told me that he couldn’t travel in wintertime because it is a good time to work hard and save money, and for him, summertime is a good time to spend the money that you’ve saved previously.

Another friend of mine from Burundi, told me that he wants to spend one month in his home country. “I prefer to go in July and come back in August. I will go with my wife and my three kids to visit our family. It will be expensive, as in summer time many people are traveling, but it’s ok as we want to enjoy this beautiful time together,” he told me.

Summer time is not only a good time to travel, it is a good time for the people doing business in different domain, such as entertainment, food, drink, fashion … People always want to spend money, and vendors take this opportunity to sell their products. Everywhere in our neighborhoods you will see people holding barbecues, dancing, drinking, and the kids playing in backyards. It’s a very good time to attend different shows and festivals happening in the area, and try to make new friends and get connections.

If you are new in Buffalo, don’t be surprised by the beautify of this Queen City, and please don’t be shy —, go around, visit our parks , go to the Lake and fish, swim with friends, get to know all the events and concerts happening and don’t go alone. Take your family, boyfriend, girlfriend or just your friend, but don’t spend a lot and remember that the summer will end in November. Let’s save not only for the summer but for other moments, too.

Wishing you a wonderful summertime


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