Featured Restaurant – The Mongolian Buffet: Hibachi and Sushi Bar

By Linda D.S

Today our cultural subject concerns the gastronomy. It is spring, the trees and flowers have triggered the process of blooming. The perfumes of flowers spread in the sky of buffalo. During the spring, one of our favorite pastimes is of course to enjoy the fifth sense: TASTE!

The address selected in this edition is The Mongolian Buffet” located at 3513 Mckinley Pkwy, Buffalo, NY 14219 Open everyday 11AM to 10PM. This place is a culinary paradise. The name will make you think of the Mongolian specialties but you have everything wrong! There is a plethora of Asian dishes of all kinds. From “wonton“, “egg rolls” and sushi etc…There are a variety of over fifty meals offered on the field. Since it is a buffet, you have the choice to serve yourself as much as you would like, no limit is fixed. You can even get a good “HIBACHI” with the fresh meat of your choice. There is everything for all tastes and desires. Entries to take your breath away. Rice, donuts, and many other Asian specialties await you there. There is also the good ole “buffalo chicken wings” YES cultural brewing. Hot drinks are offered, lemonade and much more. As desserts you will be spoiled for choices. There are creamy cakes, quiches, fruit salads and even several varieties of ice creams that will give you the effect of swimming on the clouds.

It is not surprising to see a lot of people there parading. It is good to eat there. The decor sets you at ease in the first second. The waitresses are incredibly hospitable and kind. Grown folks and toddlers will love this space. And one thing to not overlook is the fact that it has a huge parking available for everyone. No need to park for miles to satisfy your craving for authentic sushi, ginger and wasabi. All amenities are available.

Children will enjoy it with all these choices offered in dessert. The adults can get together in the bar to have a drink! Yes, you’ve read it correctly. There is a bar where you can find champagne, a good whiskey or vodka. Again there, you are faced with an immensity of varieties.

This restaurant is enchanting and very warm. Many nationalities live side by side. Cultural exchanges are fluid. The atmosphere is breathtaking.
So  if you want to celebrate birthdays, baptisms, graduation or just a relaxation event between friends or lovers, well this place will easily answer your aspirations.

And to top it off, the buffet is very affordable I mean REALLY affordable. Because with a few dollars you have access to about fifty different dishes. And without any restrictions. yay!
So do not bother, take a walk there  and say that Linda recommended it to you. You will not be disappointed.


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