20 Years In, Jericho Road Continues to Expand In Buffalo and Internationally

As the world comes to Buffalo, Jericho Road has welcomed refugees with open arms and now they’ve made friends with so many people from around the world.

Phebian Abdulai, who came to Buffalo with her family as a refugee in 2001 from a broken situation, vowed she’d never go back to Sierra Leone. But she went to school Buffalo, came to Jericho Road for medical care and became a nurse She was a nurse [in Sierra Leone, but she had to go back to school to be one here. She worked for Jericho Road about nine years and in 2009, she told Dr Glick that she wanted to go back to my country and start a health center there.

“She told me all these stories about her family when they had a medical need and there was just no care and Sierra Leone was rebuilding from civil war. I said ‘Well, Phebian if you leave, we will help, support and follow you” Glick told her. “It’s our model: It’s not us going first, but it’s us following people back.”

Anna Ireland, the chief program officer at Jericho Road in her speech at Buffalo state.

Today, Phebian has a staff of about 60 people and they see 20,000 patients a year. They are running a hospital in rural Sierra Leone. 80 to 85 percent of the funding is comes from Buffalo, specifically from churches and individuals willing to donate financially to help Phebian in Sierra Leone.

Fidel Menavanza, a refugee from D.R. of Congo congratulates Jericho road and all supporters in his speech ( Photo Rubens M.)

The organization’s work in the Democratic Republic of Congo is a little different. Jericho road has identified a place in Goma, an organization that works with children who have been traumatized through the war and other circumstances. Jericho Road built a health center staffed by Congolese from Goma with a doctor/administrator and nine nurses.

Dr Glick and his wife Joyce, at the event last Saturday at Buffalo state 

“They’re doing really good work. We [also] have some folks from Congo working [here at Jericho Road] who come with us back and forth,” Dr Glick said.  

Next year, Jericho Road plans to open up another health clinic in Nepal. Dr Glick and his team traveled there in February.  “They invited us back and we’re sending another team in 2018. If that trip goes well, we’ll think about starting some kind of on-going medical work there,” he said.

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