As Halloween Comes Closer, We Ask Buffalonians About What’s Special to Them About the Holiday

It’s getting spooky out there. The spirit of Halloween is coming alive in Buffalo as people of all ages get ready for the annual celebration. From simple pumpkins, to more frightful displays everyone has their own unique way of enjoying the season.  “I love Halloween and seeing all the kids with their costumes and to see what they are wearing,” said Barbara Nicholson, a Buffalo resident.

It is a day many hope will filled with treats, not tricks, as parents take their kids from door to door. For some, the houses are more adorned than the kids, with spiders and fake tomb stones. And of course what house would not be complete without lights and lots of them. But we wondered if some people go too far with the decorations. Fellow Buffalo resident Kevin Johnson disagrees, however.

“I do not think people overdo it with the decorations, it’s just a fun thing to do with your kids or your grandchildren. A one-night event that many say brings out the kid in everyone, no matter what your age. It’s like roleplay character play. You can be someone you wanted to be, [like a] scary person or a lot of people like to dress in makeup and things,” said Johnson.

And it’s not just for kids anymore, many adults are enjoying it just as much, whether it’s dressing up at work or attending a party.

“I think people are learning from Halloween that it’s not just for kids anymore. A lot of adults are enjoying it just as much, it should be a fun night that everyone can celebrate,” said Leah Jacobs, another Buffalo resident.

Halloween, for many, is still about one night of having fun letting go of yourself, no matter the age, and enjoying the night and, in some areas of the city, transforming your house to something frightful.

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