Landing Opportunity in The Land of Opportunity

In 1931 James Truslow Adams penned the classic, “The Epic of America”.  Many consider the book the birthplace of what is affectionately known as the American Dream, which expressed the vision of a land where life would be fuller and richer for everyone according to their desire to achieve and their willingness to work.

The United States of America, this Land of Opportunity, has been a place where many dreams have come true. However this “Land of Opportunity” is just that, opportunity, not a guarantee. Today however, these opportunities abound, arguably more than ever before. Universities and trade schools are available to educate, and there are many businesses and possible business ideas available everywhere. Here are some essential steps to make the most of these opportunities.

Explore! Use the Internet to can find what careers and business opportunities are out there.

Here are a couple of suggestions for those having trouble getting started. If you have no specific areas of interest, you may want to start in areas that have high demand. In-demand career areas include the health care, technology, and business sectors. One staffing professional I spoke to said there are always opportunities in accounting, for example. They also suggested looking into trades as there are never enough plumbers.

Do your homework on these! Look up career lists. You may want to search “list of health care careers” or lists of careers in business, or technology. Do an internet search for opportunities for plumbers and enter in your city or the town where you plan to live.

Once you decide on an area, identify the training or education required to get into the field.

Schools are not always the answer, but quite often they are. You want to approach this search by finding out if the training or academic degrees will actually lead to a career or job that people will be hiring for. Human resource departments can provide you with specific details about who their successful job candidates will be. You can call or email them to ask questions about degrees and certificates that will be valuable in helping you get employed. You don’t have to approach this blindly hoping that your college degree, trade school program, or training certificate will help you land the opportunity. Just ask.

Research the right approach to get hired.

In the end, it is up to you to convince companies to hire you. Again, ask hiring managers in your field, if possible the ones that you apply to, what they are looking for in a candidate. Why go through all of the work, time, and money, only to find out that you took the wrong approach to getting hired. If you want to start business, find out if your product or service is needed; if you can prove the need, you will know there is an opportunity to sell. Also, search for small business centers or business advice websites. Many sites are out there, so make sure the information is based on successful business people and not people with great untested business theories. For people looking for employment, look at job descriptions written by people hiring in that field. You will quickly learn what their expectations are and what direction you should go.

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